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Celebration of Women

Be Bold For Change

We Seed SistaA’s believe in positive action, especially in the journey towards health and wholeness, both in the individual and our planet as a whole. The strap line of International Womens’ Day, ‘BE bold for Change’, completely resonates with our ethos and intentions.  Finding our inner strength, our individual clout, can be a daunting thing. Being truly in our personal power is being BOLD.  When we human beings are sincerely in our power and bold, we are able to make positive decisions which resonate out to all of life. In celebration of International Womens’ Day, here are some practical tips for self-nurture through the dance on the daily voyage towards empowerment.

#1:  Drink the garden

Drinking herbs every day is a wonderful way to fine-tune your health.  You can grow and harvest your own or pick them from the hedgerows.  Dry them out on some newspaper and fill some glass jars with a selection so that you never tire of the same flavours.  This time of year, the early spring, is all about encouraging patience, as we have to wait to see the first signs of new life sprouting through the earth as spring warms and lightens up.

#2:  Harvest some nettle tips

The nettles will be up very soon.  Packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals, they provide a nourishing harvest. We can think of these voracious, stinging, familiar plants as strong and determined; qualities that transfer to us humans when we take them as medicine. Nettles were brought to the British Isles by the Romans, whose soldiers it is said used their sting to bring warmth to cold limbs. You can think of nettles as having warrior strength.  They always grow en masse, standing tall and bold.

Wait until a dry day around the full moon, get your gloves on and pinch some fresh lovely tips from some plants that are growing abundantly and far from traffic.  Bring them indoors to either dry out for tea or turn into a herbal tincture.

#3: Make herbal tinctures

Creating herbal tinctures is another incredibly empowering way to harness the power of nature. Herbal medicine is really akin to cooking.  It can be daunting to follow a new recipe, but once you have made a dish a few times it becomes second nature.

Take those fresh nettle tips, fill a glass jar and cover them with vodka.  Label your jar with the date and place it away from direct sunlight. Agitate the jar frequently over the next lunar cycle and strain around the next full moon. The strained liquid is your Nettle (Urtica spp.) tincture.

Our Ladies Lovelies drops contain this raw ingredient: your nettle tincture.  Ladies Lovelies is a blend of 3 wonderful abundant native plants: Nettle, Raspberry Leaf and Lady’s Mantle.  Most of you are probably familiar with Raspberry and Nettle. Many of you will have seen Lady’s Mantle in gardens up and down the country, but are perhaps less familiar with her stories and medicine.

Lady’s Mantle / Alchemilla Vulgaris

Lady’s Mantle is also known as Alchemilla Vulgaris, a name derived from the Arabic word alkemelych  (alchemy) and earned by virtue of its wondrous abilities to create change. Lady’s Mantle is a magical elixir, enhancing the potency of any medicine it is added to. This plant has vascular secretions, some call it dew. These droplets are held in the cup formation of the leaves. It is said that washing your face with these droplets will gift you eternal youth.

As her common name implies, she does indeed have a special affinity for women.  Lady’s Mantle is an excellent uterine tonic and has a strengthening and astringent effect on the entire female reproductive system. She can help regulate menstruation or control menstrual flooding.

Our Lady’s Mantle spreads her wild-heart-woven cloak like a mantle of strength, wisdom and healing. In Germany, Our Lady’s Mantle is called Frauenmantle, as its scalloped leaves resemble a lady’s cloak worn about the shoulders.  In Italy it is known as Madonna Mantello, or the Madonna’s cloak. What we have really noticed in the years of working with this gorgeous feminine plant is that she has the ability to connect us with our maternal ancestry.  Look carefully at the way she grows and she reveals a visionary scaffolding to unlock the web of daughter-mother-grandmother-great-grand mother relationships that are similar to Russian dolls: one inside another.

We have a workshop in May focused on this intricate relationship.  It will be a day to celebrate and explore the wonders of Alchemilla AKA The Little Alchemist or Lady’s Mantle and her ability to connect us with our maternal ancestral heritage. Attending the workshop will give you time to heal any wounds or fractures in your female reproductive system as we spend the day journeying through the cycles and spirals we travel as women.

Perhaps this International Women’s Day, whether you are male or female or somewhere in between, you might like to pour yourself some Alchemilla or Nettle tea and take a moment to stand strong and give thanks for all the women through time that have brought you here today.  Drawing on the energy of transformation in Alchemilla, or the warrior energy of Nettle, how might you be BOLD and make a CHANGE in your life toward a more inclusive, gender-equal world? 

Ladies Lovelies

“Protective, Nurturing & Balancing”

Lady’s Mantle, revered for its mystical qualities, has been associated with wisdom and female power. She is ruled by Venus and is applied for many imbalances affecting the womb. Science attributes her womb-toning, astringent properties to the tannin content of the herb.  This is a herb of alchemical movement, transformation and change: out of stuck situations and away from the past.

Raspberry leaf is pure femininity.  She is toning to the womb and is used during pregnancy to aid in birth.  She can be used in any type of pregnancy, whether a baby or a creative endeavor.  She is extremely protective and, as she shows us with her luscious, juicy red berries, deeply connected to the feminine.

Nettle is used as a cleansing herb to support the kidneys.  Ruled by Mars it empowers the fire element in a person.  Nettle offers fortifying support, breaking up and burning off excessive or waterlogged emotions.

Take some practical tips for self-nurture and make a change today!

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