Apprentice recipe book: Herbal Recipes for Summer

Mel Diamond is currently in the Foundation year of the Sensory Herb Apprenticeship. Here are her favourite Herbal Recipes for Summer.

Mugwort and Lemon Balm Tea 

This is really simple. Just take a leaf of mugwort and a leaf or two of lemon balm (can be fresh or dried) and steep in boiling water for a few minutes before drinking. I find the zinginess of the lemon balm compliments the earthiness of the mugwort and they are both great for feeling nice and zen!

Elderflower Glycerite

Half-fill a jar with dried elderflowers and then fill the jar to the top with vegetable glycerine. Leave it in a warm place (my kitchen windowsill works well) for two weeks before straining. When the elderberries come out, I’ll add them to the elderflower potion so they can infuse their properties into it too.  The idea is to make a cold and flu remedy that the whole family, including my two-year-old, can take. 

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