Into being: Birth your project or idea

Supporting your Womb, Supporting your Creativity

Women’s wombs are organs of great creative force.  We see this represented physically in the state of constant change and flux as the womb cycles through growing, shedding and shrinking through the menstruating years and with the potential of growing new life in the wonder of pregnany and birth. Looking after your womb can be a gift to yourself to nurture your creative soul and the passions that give you joy, drive and lust for life.

We have two herb essence blends designed specifically to support womb health.  They are useful to help soothe discomfort around menstruation, to support the birth of new creative projects and ideas, and to support post-partum healing.  Anyone with experience of persistant pain or pregnancy should always see us for a full consultation. 

Lady’s Lovelies Drops     £15

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Lush For Ladies Tea  £5.50

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A well-rounded blend of herbs like red clover, calendula, yarrow, ladies mantle that support womb health, hormonal balance and healthy circulation of the blood and lymph.

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