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Kickstart 2018 with a Cleanse

The festive season has drawn to a close and the excesses of the past few weeks may have left you feeling sluggish and lacking energy to get back into the groove of life. So why not give yourself a kickstart with a cleanse?

Even with the addition of digestive herbs such as Rosemary or Mint that traditionally accompany heavy foods — rich foods and alcohol put an immense strain on the liver and kidneys.

But we have the perfect solution! Every year at this time, we reach into the cupboard for our blend of Super Greens to get the system moving, improve energy and encourage eating more consciously again.

Before the greens spring up all around us in nature, our powdered blend of herbs can be added to smoothies, or just a little hot water and drunk daily for a super mineral herbal boost. In herbal therapeutics, we think about supporting all of the body’s systems to bring balance and harmony to any blend.

Super Greens contains herbs that have been shown to support the immune system such as Reishi, Rosehip and Turmeric, herbs to support the liver like Milk Thistle, Globe Artichoke, and also nutritional power houses like Kelp, Bilberry, Nettle and Barley Grass.

Join us on a cleanse. We’d love to know your smoothie and juice recipes and what you mix your Super Greens into… send us a picture on Instagram or Facebook.

Super Herb Smoothie & Juice Mix – £15
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