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Milk Thistle: A Mighty Detox Support

milk thistle mighty detox support

This robust, seriously spiky, beautiful thistle was once famed for supporting breastfeeding mothers because of the milky white veins that run through her leaves.

While being a very good galactogogue (milk promoter), which gave rise to its common name, Milk Thistle is now famed far more for its detoxifying and supportive action on the liver. Also known as St Mary’s Thistle, or the botanical name of Carduus marianum, Milk Thistle is a mighty detox support and fantastic liver tonic.

We’ve been growing and harvesting the spiky seed pods for many years as we love its beneficial effects. Some research suggests that Milk Thistle seeds can help the liver regenerate four times faster than normal.

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Milk Thistle has also been shown to lower blood lipids, helping with emotional stability and increasing the flow of bile from the liver and gall bladder. It both prevents and helps heal liver damage, and reduces the fatty degeneration of the liver. Consequently, Milk Thistle makes a mighty detox support.

The herb acts on the membranes of liver cells, and prevents the entry of virus toxins and other toxic substances, including drugs. Thus damage to liver cells is prevented.

When we embark on a detox, our bodies can be flooded with all kinds of hormones, toxins and byproducts that our liver must process and eliminate. Milk Thistle can give your liver a little extra energy and protection.

Our Milk Thistle capsules can be incorporated into your detox by taking one each morning with breakfast.

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