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Hawthorn Blossom, Orange & Cinnamon Cordial

The wonderful veritable courage-giving heartwarming hawthorn blossoms are out…

We love to make kitchen remedies, everyday foods as medicines that we can enjoy with our families and friend, get beneficial goodness, compounds and energetic boosts from the herbs, whirls going about our daily business.

Here is a recipe for Hawthorn blossom cordial with orange peel and cinnamon. Mmmmm. Whether you enjoy a fizzy water drink, a cocktail or just a refreshing drink, this is a great addition to the kitchen.

Seed Sistas – Hawthorn Blossom, Orange and Cinnamon Cordial


Fresh hawthorn blossom harvest
Water – 2 pints
Cinnamon quills x 2
Rind of an organic orange
Sugar or apple concentrate – 2lbs
Muslin cloth
Large pan
Measuring jug
Clean sterilised bottle


1. Find some radiant hawthorn blossoms and harvest preferably on a full moon at midday and before the hawthorn flowers are pollinated (once pollinated the petals start to fall off and harvesting becomes more challenging).
2. Harvest around 3 large handfuls of blossoms
3. Break the cinnamon quills in to a pan and place the rind of the orange in there too. Cover with the water and bring to the boil, simmering for around 20 minutes with a lid on.
4. Place the blossoms in the pan, bring to the boil again, turn off the heat and leave for around 40 minutes
5. Strain off the flowers, cinnamon and orange through a muslin
6. You should have around 2 pints of delicious scented liquid. Add this back to a cleaned pan, and add 1lb of organic unrefined sugar per pint of liquid.
7. Warm the sugar/herb tea combination through, string continuously. Bring to a simmer and keep stirring for around 20 minutes to dilute the sugar and start to reduce down slightly to create a syrupy thicker mixture. You mist stir continuously to prevent the sugar form burning to the bottom of the pan.
8. Bottle and label, keep in the fridge and enjoy with fizzy water, cold still water and/or you can add a shot of gin and use it as as a refreshing delicious mixer with some fizzy water too and a sprig of fresh mint.
If the bottle is properly sterilised, this should keep in the fridge for 6 months.


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