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Springtime Herbalism with Dandelion

“There is no nobler plant than the dandelion.” – Barbara Drake Boehm, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Dandelion. Resilient. Strong. Mighty. Humble. 

She grows all over the world, in the cracks of forgotten sidewalks, and likely even in your very own backyard! One of the most nutritious, medicinal, and widely misunderstood plants in green lawns everywhere, Dandelion persists year after year in showing up with her mighty medicine and quiet but radiant presence. 

Nutritionally, every part of the Dandelion is edible. Her bright sunny flowers have a nutty sweetness, and her bitter greens make great pesto. And medicinally, her roots are incredible for supporting a healthy liver and regulating blood sugar levels. It always amazes me how much this powerful and incredibly supportive plant is so commonly misunderstood and treated as a pesky weed. 

She’s also an amazing early spring pollinator plant!

On the plant spirit level, Dandelion is also an incredible ally to work with and get to know well during this transitional season of spring and also during these times of greater planetary transition.

One morning last year around this time, I was quietly meditating inside when the spirit of Dandelion suddenly made herself known in my meditation. She appeared in my inner vision as a giant, human-sized version of Dandelion right next to me and then spontaneously merged with me as if my body was the Dandelion plant herself! This was the first time a plant spirit had ever spontaneously appeared to me like this, and as a deep lover of plants, I was both wonderfully surprised and curious to see what would happen next! 

As I continued to sit there, feeling the presence of Dandelion throughout the whole length of my body, she started showing me an experience of growing my energetic tap root way down deep into the Earth for anchoring and stability. And then as if the top of my head was the open golden crown of her blossoms, she showed me how to open my crown up to the sun. There was a sense that she was sharing a direct practice with me for how to feel anchored and also open to the radiant joy of the sun during times of greater collective instability.

Certainly there have been many times over this past year where I’ve experienced such great value in doing this practice of connecting to the inner tap root of the self and feeling my crown open and facing up towards the sun.

Here is a helpful practice for embodying the energy of Dandelion during times of transition.

Find 5 minutes to sit quietly. 

Closing your eyes, imagine you have a long tap root growing deep into the Earth. 

Take three deep breaths, and notice what it feels like to be rooted. 

Then sitting up tall, lengthen your spine like the upright stalk of a Dandelion flower.

Bring your awareness to the top of your head, and imagine you have a Dandelion blossom on top of your crown. 

Take a deep breath and then imagine being open to the nourishing rays of the sun. 

Continue to sit quietly and notice how this feels. 


Sara Artemisia, MS, CMC is a Plant Spirit and Flower Essence Practitioner, Multidimensional Abundance Coach, and Akashic Records Reader. She shares this work with people on the journey of understanding how the conscious wisdom of Nature can help them fully embody their soul’s purpose. And she’s the host of the upcoming Free Plant Spirit Herbalism Summit: on Connecting with Plant Consciousness and the Healing Wisdom of Nature. This incredible celebration of deep herbal wisdom and free online event will be held from March 18th – 21st, 2021.  https://www.plantspiritherbalism.com/?sc=kuE95jei&ac=9ghddUvp

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