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Join our Coven of Herbal Secrets
Embrace the Magic of Plant Wisdom

Join our Coven of Herbal Secrets
Embrace the Magic of Plant Wisdom

Influence well-being for yourself, family, and friends through plants and herbs

Join our vibrant community with us Seed Sistas: guiding you safely to discover the secrets of plants, herbal magic, rituals, and spells for well-being – be yourself and join in the fun!

Join our Coven Community to:

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Learn About Plants for Herbal Medicine
The Seed Sistas will guide you on a journey to unveil the secrets of plant medicine and how you can bring them into your everyday life.

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Be Part of a Supportive Herbal Community
Connect and learn with like-minded individuals as you share and explore together, with fun activities guided by the Seed Sistas.

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Create an Alternative Health Journey
Engage with plants and herbs around you, discovering and applying new ways to achieve natural well-being through plant medicine.

Tap into the magic of plants, establishing both a spiritual and practical link to Nature. Employ the ancient wisdom of herbs to craft modern methods and folklore.

Who is This For?

Individuals that want to:

• Explore alternative medicine
• Learn with spiritual leaning people
• Commit to a non-judgmental community
• Enjoy humour and theatrics
• Be in a kind and open community
• Cultivate natural healing
• Be health conscious and aware
• Celebrate difference
• In touch with their environment
• Hug trees


The Coven of Secrets Membership

Satisfy your curiosity for how we do things:


What’s Included

Accessible both online and live, our teachings and guidance are always at your fingertips, delivered with passion and inspiration. Explore a range of new topics each year through our courses, webinars, and curated materials.


Live Courses and Sessions – 2 Per Month:

• Immerse yourself in two live courses and sessions every month. Including challenges and community teamwork.


Community Webinars Aligned with Moon Cycles:

• Participate in live webinars revolving around moon cycles with herbal themes.
• Engage in challenges and collaborative community teamwork.


Webinars – Plant Labs:

• Explore individual topics led by you in our plant labs.
• Delve into discussions on magic and health-related subjects.


Community Features:

• Join our active Facebook community.
• Connect on our Discord Group.
• Enjoy 24/7 access, 365 days a year.
• Participate in creative community events.


Plants for Self-Care

• Sleep Management
• Cleansing and Detox
• Meditation


Plant Content Vault

• Dive into comprehensive trainings led by the knowledgeable Seed Sistas, covering a wide array of herbal-related topics. Explore valuable content such as articles, video lessons, online courses, podcasts, and recorded sessions from past live events.


Plant Content Vault

• From history of herbalism, reproductive health, remedy creation and in-depth herbal ID films trainings, our content vault is separated into 3 main categories, depending on where your passions and interests lie and on how far along you are in your herbal journey.


Practical Teaching

• Herb Information
• Foundations of wellbeing
• Herbs for health conditions
• Kitchen witchery
• Gardening and growing medicinal plants


Magic of Plants/Herbs

• Spell craft creativity
• Plants for opening the mind
• Perception shifting and imagination
• Intention and manifesting

Unlocking nature's pharmacy:

empowering you to learn the Healing Wisdom of Plants.

Features of our Coven









Access to the Seed Sistas through live webinars

Community (be part of an online chat group of fellow coven members)

What you can hope to achieve in 6 months in the Coven

20 min day

Introduction to the Plant World:

• Ease into the world of plants with step-by-step guides.
• Familiarise yourself with your local plant medicines – all those plants you walk past daily… tricks and tips on herbal identification.
• Recognise and understand botanical plant families.

Developing Your Healing Toolkit:

• Engage in regular discussions, experimentation and create friendships.
• Master the art of herbal remedy co-creation, learning from our journey to avoid common mistakes.
• Engage in practical easy-to-follow recipes for food, medicine, gardening, and seed-saving tips.
• Learn herbal first aid for your home and family.
• Create a dispensary of clearly labelled potions and lotions.
• Explore the realm of poison plants and deepen your understanding of witching herbs.


Mastering Focused Intention:

• Learn the art of creating focused intentions.
• Discover the enchanting rituals involving plants.
• Receive instructions on the best applications for transformative results.
• Embrace the elements of witchery that live within you.
• Appreciate the tranquillity, peace and joy that the plant world gifts.

Choose Your Plan

Monthly Plan

Pay every month
£ 39
  • Cancel any time

6 Monthly Plan

Pay every 6 months
£ 200 6 Monthly
  • Save £39.94

Annual Plan

Pay every year
£ 385 Yearly
  • Save £94.88

What our community say…

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our happy members have to say in these videos.

I would definitely recommend everything and anything about the seed sistas because to do so is to invest in yourself, in community, in the natural world and to invest in this knowledge. The camaraderie, teaching and support of the Seed Sistas Coven is very much helping me push forward with my herbalism.

Nicci – Coven Member
The coven is incredible. Thank you so much, it really is an honour to be able to support your work and get so much in return!! My plant and magical journey is very much a work in progress, but you inspire me to keep going, even in the face of much adversity. You are making a huge difference to so many peoples and plants lives!

Isobel – Coven member

Ready to embrace your healing journey?

Meet Your Guides: The Seed Sistas

In the enchanting world where herbal magic seamlessly meets cutting-edge science, enter the realm of the Seed Sistas – these entertaining herbalists redefine the art of botanical connection through fun and inspiring means. These herbal mavericks have not only sown the seeds of knowledge but have also cultivated a vibrant community that thrives on the healing power of plants.

The Seed Sistas are not just clinical herbalists; although they have BSc qualifications in the subject, they are stewards of the earth, agents of change, and hedge witches weaving a tapestry of ancient remedies and modern understanding with passion and humour.
With a mission to reconnect people with the healing energy of plants, the Seed Sistas ‘Coven of Herbal Secrets’ blends logical understanding with a dash of magic, making the herbal world accessible to seasoned botanists and budding green thumbs alike.

In the coven, expect to unearth the secrets of seed sovereignty, explore the alchemy of herbal medicine-making, and dance through the seasons with the wild plants that surround you, all the while connecting to fellow plant enthusiasts.

A celebration of the earth’s bounty, it’s a journey of self-discovery through the vibrant world of herbs.

We have worked with, been event speakers and written for:

Do you still have questions?

If you’re considering joining our community and have questions, we’ve compiled a list with answers and insights. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for…

We’re here to chat and address any inquiries on your mind.
Your journey with us starts with clarity and understanding.

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in plants, magic, connecting with our community and getting backstage access to what the Seed Sistas are all about? Then yes this is the place for you. Are you considered whacky or out there? Do you sometimes feel like your moving against the standard grain? Do you wish to be part of something full of more people like you? Then this is the place for you.

Whether you have lots of experience or are brand new, we hope that this wonderful coven will offer you a fresh take on plant medicine. We have videos, audios, articles, downloadable PDFs and recorded meditations so something to suit all types of learners.

We are constantly creating new content.
Each month find:
• a new LIVE session
• one new Webinar and a podcast or article – interspersed with downloadable recipe cards.

We love discovering ways to support and engage you in your herbal journey. We ask you what you want to see and develop content based on you. This is how the coven pot keeps boiling and giving you what you need or want.

On top of all the monthly content we have herbal courses like our Sleep and Wellbeing course packed full of steps to engage, educate, relax and entertain you.

There is plenty of novel content added each month to keep you busy and engaged plus the repository of past content including all of our previous webinars with quizzes, an index for easy navigation and info finding and additional notes.

Yes you can find all our past webinars and plant labs within the coven.

Through LIVE Moon Gathering events, audio podcasts, workbooks/PDFs, recorded video masterclasses and monthly Webinars.

You will have your own login details so you can access the content when you want from our ‘easy-to-navigate’ dashboard.

As long as you remain a member you will have access to the content. If you decide to cancel, you will have access for the remaining time of that month, 6 months or year.

There is a content calendar inside the Coven in your dashboard area – letting you know what and when is up and coming – with all the links to Zoom sessions easy to find. This content calendar can sync with your own digital calendar so that you don’t miss a thing.

Access starts as soon as you purchase your membership to the coven, you will receive welcome emails with all of the info you need. We recommend you join for at least 6 months with regular drop-ins to the content to really get the best of it. Then as an active member of the Coven you will begin to feel the gains and see the benefits of being part of this kind and compassionate herb loving community.

We recommend 1 – 4 hours per week to enhance your enjoyment and what you get back out of the Coven. You can repeat topics, meditations and exercises you enjoy, discover the new content or catch -up on the coven private meeting group.

If you pay for a year upfront, you get a discount from the monthly cost and access for that whole year. You will be sent a reminder coming up to the next payment date and you can choose whether to stay with us.

Monthly payments are taken on the same date you first purchase the coven and each month thereafter. If you cancel at any point, you will get access for the remainder of that month but we cannot refund payments already made.

Get in touch and we are happy to chat and see how we can help you.

The coven has a range of offerings so you are sure to find something that will support a deeper delve into your plant studies, like the ‘geek out’ zone.

The self -care area of the coven is dedicated to support you finding peace and harmony, with beautiful relaxing plant inspired meditations and lessons to help find good sleep.

Another benefit is the community. Many of the coven members are practicing herbalists looking for magic and connection from the plants and other humans too. Even if you are already making remedies you can share your knowledge and learn from others too.

The coven provides a safe loving community in which to share our passions and stories, whilst moving through rituals and magical spellwork too.

This is not professional training but rather a container for your studies, magical practices and self-care with herbs. A place where you can connect with others and explore all things herb related.

You are sent regular emails to encourage you to sign into the coven and connect with others. A way to remind you to keep up with your studies and see what is growing around you at any given time.

Awaken Your Wellness with the Magic of Nature
Elevate Your Life, One Plant at a Time!

Did you know…we are a Social Enterprise

When you’re a member of the Coven of Herbal secrets, a percentage of your membership fee goes into our Community Medicine Garden Grant Scheme. We choose small, local community organisations that need the grant the most, and where we can support to make a difference.

❀ 2022 we awarded the grant to Community Apothecary

❀ 2023 we have awarded the grant to – Pact Citizens Org

❀ 2024 we awarded the 2 separates grants to community gardens in Cornwall – and London –