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The Coven of Herbal Secrets with us

Plants are calling YOU

Herbs are resourceful, determined and have so much to share with you.

But where to start…?

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Do you feel called to work with plants more deeply but feel a bit overwhelmed by the excess of information out there?

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Do all the green leaves look the same? This is called Nature blindness and we can help you move through this.

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Do you find it hard to remember all the new words and material that comes with learning this new skill of herbalism?

We can help to ease you in to the plant world with steps by step guides to getting to know your plants better. Through regular discussion and experimentation with remedy creation and playing with plants you will build up a dispensary of potions and lotions, clearly labeled and with focused intention and instructions on how to best apply them all.

Did you know…we are a Social Enterprise

When you’re a member of the Coven of Herbal secrets, a percentage of your membership fee goes into our Community Medicine Garden Grant Scheme. We choose small, local community organisations that need the grant the most, and where we can support to make a difference.

❀ 2022 we awarded the grant to Community Apothecary – http://www.hedgeherbs.org.uk/community-apothecary

❀ 2023 we have awarded the grant to – https://www.pact-citizens.org

Would you love to study herbs but don’t know how to make the time?

20 min day

We have created a simply accessible members area especially for YOU, where you can log in from anywhere for as long or as short a time as you want. From as little as 20 mins a day you could be learning new skills about growing, recognising and creating remedies and how to apply herbs for a variety of health issues.

With fresh content regularly uploaded,
webinars, Q and A sessions
with yours truly, The Seed Sistas,
and so much more.

Our Coven of Herbal Secrets is designed to help you

We provide in-depth, expertise of our many years working in herbalism to help you navigate the journey of plant connection. Whether it’s medicine making your are interested in, or just a better understanding of plant medicine we are here to support what your next adventure with the herbal world could be.

Join us and feel much more confident in caring for yourself with herbalism - super charge your own health!

Spend more purposeful time in nature, deepening your connection with the Earth

Create lasting positive change on your life by

Joining our magical plant community who hold the same values of kindness, love and compassion for all of life.


Come and discover a world of ritual and magic with herbs

  • understand how to perform a plant inspired ritual
  • get to know when to use which herbs for which circumstances
  • explore witchy power plants and how to work with them

Immerse in your own self-care, soothe your nerves through working with plants in

  • meditations
  • reaching for the correct herbs for relaxation
  • exercises to nurture and take care of yourself

Here's what you'll find in our Coven


There are 5 main ways to learn in the Coven of Herbal Secrets:

Herb Labs

Our 90 minute herbal deep dives in webinar format with the Seed SistAs. These will be available live or as recordings added their relevant areas of the Coven.


within the membership, you’ll find specific courses – like our Sensory Sleep Course. There you will find help with all things rest and relaxation related.

Content Vault

In-depth trainings by the Seed Sistas experts on a multitude of herbal-related topics, ready for you to dive into.

From history of herbalism, reproductive health, remedy creation and in-depth herbal ID films trainings, our content vault is separated into 3 main categories, depending on where your passions and interests lie and on how far along you are in your herbal journey.

Plant Power Ritual calls

Our quarterly Rituals on zoom led by the Seed SistAs – the invitation is open to anyone who wants to connect with magical herbalism in any way. With problem solving Q&As to finisha

If You have any issues or problems

that you believe are keeping you stuck on your herbal journey – The Seed SistAs will attempt to solve it for you on the spot. It’s a magical experience.

Features of our Coven









Access to the Seed Sistas through live webinars

Community (be part of a Facebook group of fellow coven members)

Have a wee peek inside

Choose Your Plan

Monthly Plan

Pay every month
£ 35 Monthly
  • Cancel any time

Annual Plan

Pay every year
£ 385 Yearly
  • 1 Month FREE over monthly plan
Kazz and Fiona AKA the Seed Sistas are a brilliant speakers and workshop leaders. They delivered a session for our conference on using herbal medicine to stay rooted in a shifting world which was super informative. They are clearly both incredibly knowledgeable, and had really in-depth and interesting conversations with the audience about herbalism, foraging and health. In addition to this, they are so warm, funny and engaging, and have a very original and memorable way of communicating. They were a total joy to work with, and really great at what they do, and I really hope that I am able to work with them again.
Dora Taylor
Oxford Real Farming Conference

Got questions that aren't answered on this page?

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Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in plants, magic, connecting with our community and getting backstage access to what the Seed Sistas are all about? Then yes this is the place for you. We also ask you what you want to see and develop content based on you. This is how the coven pot keeps boiling and giving. Whether you have lots of experience or are brand new, we hope that this wonderful coven will offer you a fresh take on plant medicine.

We are constantly creating new content. It’s what w love best, finding ways to support and engage you in your herbal journey. On top of the herb lab webinars there will be new articles, mini courses and more each month to keep you busy and engaged.

Through live training, recorded video masterclasses, audio training and workbooks/PDFs. You will have your own login details so you can access the content when you want from our ‘easy-to-navigate’ dashboard.

As long as you remain a member you will have access to the content. If you decide to cancel, you will have access for the remaining time on that month or year.

There is a calendar inside the coven on your dashboard that let’s you know what and when is up and coming.

Access starts as soon as you purchase your membership to the coven. We recommend you any at least 3-6 months with regular drop ins to really see the benefits you will gain from being an active member of the coven.

We recommend 1 – 4 hours per week to enhance your enjoyment and what you get back out of the coven. You can repeat topics, meditations and exercises you enjoy, discover the new content or catch -up on the coven private meeting group.

If you pay for a year upfront, you get a discount and access for that whole year. You will be sent a reminder coming up to the next payment date and you can choose whether to stay with us.

Monthly payments are taken on the same date you first purchase the coven and each month thereafter. If you cancel at any point, you will get access for the remainder of that month but we cannot refund payments already made.

Get in touch and we are happy to chat and see how we can help you.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the content, you will have 14 days from purchase to jump on out and claim your money back for that first month.

The coven has a range of offerings so you are sure to find something that will support a deeper delve into your plant studies, like the ‘geek out’ zone.

This is not professional training but rather a container for your studies, magical practices and self-care with herbs. A place where you can connect with others and explore all things herb related.

I signed up to experience a magical journey into the world of medicinal herbs and to appreciate more of what we have in hedgerows, fields and woods on our doorstep and all around us. My expectations have been exceeded many time over…
Roger Piercy