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Reset Yourself with a 21-Day Herbal Cleanse

Want to find out what a herbal cleanse is all about? Then this Seed SistAs Ebook with a FREE downloadable meal planner will guide you through your journey and answer any questions you might have.

  • What does detox really do?
  • What are signs your body is detoxing?
  • What do you eat when detoxing?
  • What herbs are good to cleanse the body?
  • What is herbal clean detox used for?
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Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Or wondered about how you start a detox?
Then this guide is the one for you!

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  • What can I drink to flush my body?
  • How can I detox my body instantly?
  • What does cleanse do to your body?
  • What is the difference between a cleanse and detox?
  • What’s a good detox cleanse?
  • How can I detox my body in 7 days?
  • Can you lose weight through detox?

The Details

The Seed Sistas 21 Day Herbal Cleanse is not a crash diet. We have created a 3-stage structure around which you can curate your own detailed plan. Each stage uses different ingredients from the first part of the guide to create a unique experience for you.

Week 1: food choices, herbal support mechanisms and mindful self-care for cleansing the bodily systems create the perfect environment for what comes next.

Week 2: the focus is on revitalising at every level – re-energising your body, reclaiming your mind and your time, using herbs and tasty recipes to support emotional balance and restoring the soul.

Week 3: is dedicated to intention setting and will be your chance to reflect on how to make sure the benefits last as long as possible.

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Download our E-Guide Here - And get your FREE Meal Planner

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Included in the Guide

  1. Anatomy of Cleansing –
  • What is a cleanse?
  • History of cleanses
  • Organs of elimination
  1. Herbs that support Cleansing
  2. Importance of emotional support
  3. Movement and lymph (brushing)
  4. Exercise
  5. Steam baths and Sauna (essential oils in steam)
  6. Foods to avoid and why (gluten, Solanacea, refined sugars, dairy, caffeine)
  7. Foods to introduce daily (rainbow)
  8. Recipes for the 21 days PLUS 21-day Meal Planner
  • Fasting – what this is and how to approach one

Money-Back Guarantee

The Seed Sistas established their Sensory Herbalism school in 2004 and have been sharing pearls of wisdom about plants and showing folks how to create herbal home remedies for decades.

They run their social enterprise from Hertfordshire and Dorset and are passionate about the set up and running of community medicine gardens, they dreaming of a global Herbal Evolution, where people reconnect with nature and protect the wild spaces.

Profits from the sale of this Ebook go to their community gardens grant schemes.

A cleanse is like a spring-clean for your whole self – an opportunity to clear out that which no longer serves you, to reset your bodily systems, check in with your mind and spirit, and set up new habits which will support you and your lifestyle.

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