Stress & Anxiety Relief - Pathway To Peace

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Normal price £125. Use code EARLYBIRD-P2P for massive 28% off.


Our tailored, engaging Seven-day immersive journey with live video interactive webinar, daily videos, audio recordings, meditations, plant guides and online interactive content working with a specific plant per day for one week, exploring various tools to sustain and promote equilibrium.

Learn about herbs and tools for stress management, better sleep and nourishment of the nervous system. The main course starts Wednesday 21st September, however, we have preparatory training accessed immediately on purchase before the course starts.


How is it delivered? What is included?


Each day at 5.00am BST (GMT+1) you will be sent a link to your email inbox which will take you to your area. From here you will be taken on a journey through the resources for that day, including:

  • Sensory Herb Meditations
  • Sensory plant guides
  • Videos
  • Audios

Throughout the week you can record any questions to ask at our Live Webinar on day 10 (Thursday 29th September 2022 7.30pm BST (GMT+1)).

You will being encouraged to use a journal to record affirmations, reflections and notes throughout the week.

Each day there will be a reflection area where you will be asked a few questions to encourage a look back at your experiences for the day. Once you have completed this, you will receive a downloadable document (from the day’s content) which is your daily reward for taking another step on the Pathway to Peace.

At the end, once all seven days participation are logged, you will receive a PDF certificate of completion that you can print out and keep with your journal


  • Access to Welcome Pages Packed full of info, nutrition and recipe ideas (worth £35)
  • 7 Meditations (worth £140)
  • 7 Self-care tasks (worth £70)
  • 7 exclusive plant videos (worth £70)
  • 7 Plant Guides with free PDF download for each (worth £35)
  • Live webinar with Q & A (worth £45)
  • Plus lots more audios and great content

Cost of Course – £125 (saving £270)




  • Free PDF remedy guide and Peace Bundle video (worth £35)
  • Rosie’s Super Foods – herbal nutritional powder (worth £20)
  • Maximum Chill drops (worth £15)
  • Rose Cream (worth £20)
  • Heart and Soul Tea (worth £6)
  • Postage and packaging (worth £6)

Peace Bundle cost – £78 (saving £41)


Day 1
The Heart
Day 2
Lemon Balm
Mood Balancing
Day 3
Feeling Grounded
Day 4
The Breath & Breathing
Day 5
Calming the Mind
Day 6
Vitality Protection
Day 7
Day 8
Rest Day
Catch Up & Send Questions
Day 10
Live Webinar
Bonus Training with Live Q&A


“Things I learned and will take away: 

The importance of a daily check in with the outside world and to recognise that plants exist in the present moment, even without being able to identify them.

I’m coming to this as fairly new, with my main experience of herbs being a pot of basil / parsley / coriander bought in a supermarket. For the first time in lockdown I’ve grown them from seeds this year. I will be growing them forever more…”


“The combined course content of herbology, mythology and the focus on individual plants has fuelled my curiosity. I am starting look at individual plants with new eyes and it will continue to be a learning experience.”

“I intend to continue the daily practise of being outside and learning about the landscapes and plants around me. Thank you so much for enabling me to continue this journey.”

With love and best wishes
Emma x

“The Pathway to Peace course was a really fantastic opportunity for me to engage with nature…I was able to carve out some much needed time to do that in a very busy life.”

“It was really well done, super accessible, easy to use, really clear, and I really enjoyed the mix of visual and audio aspects as well as text, lots of different ways to learn incorporated.”

“I fully recommend doing this course with The Seed Sistas. It was so enjoyable and I learned lots about herbs and the whole variety of uses they have. It’s inspired me to grow more herbs in my garden and to learn more.”

“And now I’m using peppermint tea from my garden. It was there and I’d never used it before! I’m going to go on using plants more and take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature.”

Louisa Adjoa Parker

Writer and poet who explores nature in her work –

“I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a beautiful course which has made such a positive impact on me and has also resonated strongly. I have been a gardener for over 15 years, a florist for 10 but just really started connecting with herbs and plants for medicine last year. It has been a complete revelation.”

“Your 7 days pathway to peace course appealed because I wanted to find out more about herbs that help with anxiety and stress for both myself and my husband but also as a way of connecting in with the plants.”

“I have just qualified as a Reiki practitioner and so the idea of plant energy and the fact that they talk to us and appear when we need them makes massive sense. The course was everything I had hoped for and more, I absolutely adored the meditations and I love the hand outs.”

“I have really enjoyed connecting with the herbs in a different but more intuitive way and it has changed the way I see them. I do have your book but must confess I have only dipped in and out of it so far so I am going to work through it in a similar way to how you have set the course up. You have also inspired me to increase my herb growing space in my garden, so now I think the whole garden will be herbs of some kind!”

“I really feel that the tools you have gifted to me over the last week will provide further support.”

“The altar was something I had toyed with creating before but I felt more confident in doing so with your guidance.”

“So what I am trying to say in a convoluted manner is that during a time of extreme emotional stress your course popped into my inbox and has been a game changer. I am hoping to do your apprenticeship next year so I will see you again then with any luck.”

With very best wishes, gratitude, love and light.

Sarah x



“As a family, we’ve used the course as a way to connect with each other and with emotion and with ways of addressing anxiety and stress, and finding tools to work with the herbs to address those.”

“It’s a much more real way of connecting with the true power of the herbs that is completely experiential as opposed to just learned from books.”

Vicky Walker


“Over the years I’ve been using some of their marvellous products. What a wonderful course it was. The meditations on the plants themselves were fantastic.”

“It was perfect for the relief of stress and anxiety.”

“I highly recommended it”


Normal price £125. Use code EARLYBIRD-P2P for massive 28% off.



Here are some of the reviews that we have collected from people who are in the Seed Sistas community.


Our course is online and includes a live interactive webinar at the end of the course, so you can learn from home. No travel required.

We will share with you our many years of expertise and clinical herbalism. Bringing you both a flavour of the herbs and offering you practical takeaways to apply in your daily lives.

Peace Bundle Optional Extra for the Pathway to Peace £61 (free postage)

This is your chance to purchase an adjunct, to the 7 day course, a bunch of our lovely remedies. By opting for this package, you will be physically supporting and nourishing your whole system whilst exploring tools and herbs that can help in a variety of ways.

You can take these herbs for the week-long duration of the course.

Normal price £125. Use code EARLYBIRD-P2P for massive 28% off.


You work through each day’s sessions at your own convenience, the self-care tasks may need a little forwards planning to create time and space to complete them.

Daily you will get an audio, video and plant guide – that can take around 30 mins to work through. The meditations are around 10-20 mins each. The thing that takes the most time is the daily self care tasks – these range from taking a bath to drawing a plant so in essence it is about the amount of time you gift yourself. Most people spent 1.5-2hrs daily on the course. We do hope that you can make the time to fit the course around your work to invest in yourself and your plant journey.

The course is drip fed over 7 days into your inbox but you are free to choose when you complete them. You complete each day before moving onto the next bit you can do this at your own leisure.

The content is available for a full 21 days from the start date and a years extension is available for an aditional cost after that. You can then revisit the content as much as you like including the filmed webinar.

Either take a device with you an carry on your lessons or press pause on the course and pick it up when you get back. There is 21 days in total from the start date that you will have access to the content.

The live webinar will be recorded and added to your course area to re-watch or catch-up with afterwards.

Yes, It is not essential to have completed the course in its entirety before the webinar. Look out for the emails to register for the webinar. The webinar is several days after the delivery of day 7 into your inbox so there is a little space to catch up with missed sessions before it starts if you would like to do that.

On day 4, a small part of the course is to go out and identify local plants. However, this is not essential to get benefit form the course and you could simply look at a herb guide and become a little more familiar with local plants that way.

In terms of additional costs, there are optional self-care tasks and for some of these there is the recommendation of purchasing additional items such as lavender essential oil, and rose cream or rose oil). Again, these are not essential to to benefit from the course.