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  • How do I tell which herbs are ready when?
  • What medicinal herbs can I forage?
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Have you asked yourself any of these questions?  Then this guide is the one for you!

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  • How do I tell which herbs are ready when?
  • What medicinal herbs can I forage?
  • What are medicinal herbs and what are their uses?
  • What should I forage right now?
  • How do I forage?
  • What are some wild herbs?

The Details

The Only Dedicated Book Teaching How To Use the Magical Calendar System to Harvest and Store Herbs Throughout the Year in the UK & Europe

  • Exactly What to Do and When to Do It
  • Magical Harvesting Checklist (printable)
  • Paganism and the “Wheel of the Year”
  • Plant & Herb Identification information
  • Storing & Harvesting Tips
  • Creating Preparations from Herbs
  • For all Beginners to Harvesting (not just for people who identify as Pagans
  • Money Back Guarantee (below)
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Included in the Guide

  • Practical Guide to Harvesting Herbs throughout the Year
  • Plant & Herb Identification information
  • Botanical plant families and constituents
  • Plant Connection
  • How to store and preserve herbs
  • Creating infusions, oils, vinegars and syrups
  • And much more…
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Money-Back Guarantee

The Seed Sistas established their Sensory Herbalism school in 2004 and have been sharing pearls of wisdom about plants and showing folks how to create herbal home remedies for decades.

They run their social enterprise from Hertfordshire and Dorset and are passionate about the set up and running of community medicine gardens, they dreaming of a global Herbal Evolution, where people reconnect with nature and protect the wild spaces.

Profits from the sale of this Ebook go to their community gardens grant schemes.

We have a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Poetry, art, science, medicine, wisdom, spirit; one gets a healthy dose of it all as we wind our way through the seasons and a deeply sensible and sensory approach to the magical world of plants. A herbal classic... a lovely masterpiece.

Download our E-Guide here

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