Autumn Kitchen Witchen’ Downloadable E-Guide

Our top tips for seasonal foraging, easy recipes for autumnal nourishing with nature. Plant-based goodness!


The Seed Sistas exclusive Kitchen Witchin’ autumn recipe book

Cultivate a new love of culinary herb magic and remedy creation from foraged autumnal plants.

Get nourished & support immunity as the winds blow and the seasons change!

This E-Guide is about how to support your body’s natural immune responses through foods direct from nature. In these pages, you will find information about medicinal herbs and vegetables, in the form of warming soups, filling mains, seasonal side dishes,  hedgerow ketchup and chutney,  drinks and breads and seasonal sweet treats to reflect your body’s needs.

  • Top tips for a nourishing, immune supporting herbs and nutrition for Autumn
  • Seasonal sustenance – herbs for building resilience
  • Profiles of herbs abundant in the Autumnal months
  • Herbs to harvest and grow and their uses
  • Seed saving tips and tricks
  • Easy to follow recipes for food and remedies
  • Bringing a little extra magic into your everyday
  • For the practical and the magical forager
  • Money Back Guarantee (Below)

Your ‘how to’ for simple culinary delights embellished with foraged ingredients. Inspired by the popularity of our Kitchen Witchin’ Food Blogs we bring you nutritional magic that infuses far beyond the kitchen into the home and family.

Kitchen Witchin’ is seasonal eating, foraging and healing remedies that can be made without complicated tools, in your own kitchen. Learn how seasonal food reflects the needs of your body at that time.  Learn about yourself through nature.

  • Herb profiles and uses
  • Botanical plant families and constituents
  • Community connections and seed saving
  • For all foragers, herb lovers and medical practitioners
  • Easy to follow downloadable, printable Ebook
  • Instant Download

Money-back guarantee!

The Seed Sistas established their Sensory Herbalism school in 2004 and have been sharing pearls of wisdom about plants and showing folks how to create herbal home remedies for decades.

They run their social enterprise from Hertfordshire and Dorset and are passionate about the set up and running of community medicine gardens, they dreaming of a global Herbal Evolution, where people reconnect with nature and protect the wild spaces.

Profits from the sale of this Ebook go to their community gardens grant schemes. We have a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Healing Balm

A combination of healing infused oils of Calendula, hypericum and lavender and protective essential oil of lavender. This is a wonderful day to day cream for your herbal tool kits, smoothing skin and supporting wounds, spots and abrasions.


Meditation Drops (30ml)

The Seed SistAs developed our Meditation Drops with a connection to the heavens and the great Universe in mind.  The herbs in this blend balance the wonderful duality of delving inside ourselves, deep into our subconscious world whilst also connecting us with the macro- sphere, to the heavens and universal truth.


Max Chill (30ml)

Maximum Chill 30ml Drops
Face life‘s challenges with calm strength
Contains: lemon balm (abundance), vervain (peace), oats (protection)