Free Plant Lab Webinar – Meadowsweet

An informal evening live webinar where we will answer your questions about anything herbal you desire to know. 

Or, about our work, and any aspect of what we do from magic, poisons, community work, clinical practice, running a CIC.


We love to hear from you and look forward to connecting more!


Come join us for a Meadowsweet flower ritual and impromptu Q and A.

Thursday, 10th August 7.30 – 9pm (GMT+1/BST).


On purchase, you will be sent a Zoom code to join us.

We can’t wait to see you!


If you want to feel much more confident in caring for yourself with herbalism – then SIGN UP here! Through regular discussion and experimentation with remedy creation and playing with plants you will build up a dispensary of potions and lotions, clearly labeled and with focused intention and instructions on how to best apply them all.

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Healing Balm

A combination of healing infused oils of Calendula, hypericum and lavender and protective essential oil of lavender. This is a wonderful day to day cream for your herbal tool kits, smoothing skin and supporting wounds, spots and abrasions.


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Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution is a Community Interest Company… it’s focus & intention is to create deeper connection with nature, cultivating positive change for all.


OCTOBER 2024 WEBINAR: History of Magical Herbalism and Witchcraft

Thursday 17th October 2024 7.30-9pm GMT online and recorded to watch back. Explore the origin and stories of witches and what it's like to be a Witch.

Join our webinar for a fascinating exploration of the History of Magical Herbalism and Witchcraft where we’ll reveal what is witchcraft anyway, and what’s it got to do with herbs?


Thursday, 17th October 2024 7.30-9pm (GMT) online plus recording available in your Account afterwards to view


Ever wondered how to make magic using herbs, spells and rituals?

 What it means to be a witch?

Or how the mystical and medicinal overlap?


Come and find out the answers to all your witchy related questions and stories from herb witches in our online event!


If you are a member of The Coven, all of our webinars are included, plus exclusive accompanying notes and a whole load more…check it out HERE