Harmony Bundle – Free Postage

This bundle contains a combination of our lovely herbal remedies that provide nourishment for mind, body and soul when taken in combination especially in combination with the 28 day Sensory Sleep System Course.


4 Products are included:

  • Rosie’s SuperFoods
  • Tension Tamer (sleepy tea) – California poppy, oats, rose, lavender, and passionflower.
  • Night Time drops
  • Meditation drops



Heart & Soul Tea (Approx 25g)

Hawthorn blooms and rosa petals, intermingled with the honey uplifting vibes of the soothing lime blossom given a citrus zing with the gentle lemon balm.


Detox Tea (Approx 25g)

This cleansing blend is created to support the flow of fluids through the body, aiding in eliminating excess.


Meditation Drops (30ml)

The Seed SistAs developed our Meditation Drops with a connection to the heavens and the great Universe in mind.  The herbs in this blend balance the wonderful duality of delving inside ourselves, deep into our subconscious world whilst also connecting us with the macro- sphere, to the heavens and universal truth.