Initial Consultation

The goal of these sessions is to restore balance to the mind and body increasing energy and vitality. Designed and customised to suit your specific needs; truly holistic in order to effectively achieve optimum health.


What does a consultation look like?

An initial consultation will look at what has led you to this moment. It will identify what areas need working with and what is the best way to move forward. It will look at your past medical history, your diet and lifestyle, your emotional and spiritual needs. It will look at how your body functions as a whole and how this effects your more subtle bodies.

Sensory Herbalism – What is Sensory Herbalism?

Sensory Herbalism works with you as you go on a journey deep inside yourself. It always revolves around the herbs and may involve taking preparations, growing and harvesting your own herbs, certain body work and movement or ritual work.

Sensory Herbalism encompasses herbal medicine, counselling, bodywork, nutrition, yoga, meditation and magic, unleashing your personal creativity through drawing, creative writing and connecting with different aspects of yourself.
It has been developed by Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton who, having studied a medical herbalism and complimentary health sciences degree, then went on to work together guided by the plant world.
Sensory Herbalism encourages both the practitioner and the patient to open up their senses to perceive the truth of the world around them. Although the work is deeply spiritual it is grounded in the abundant and physical world of the plants.
Who is Sensory Herbalism for?
Anyone seeking support with their health and well-being, with a feeling that ‘something’s not quite right’, looking for guidance in their lives, interested in learning more about themselves through working with plant medicine.
Do you have an issue you’d like to discuss?
Is your health suffering and you can’t see why?
Do you know why but can’t seem to shift it?
Are you feeling lost and confused about where you’re at?
Are there stuck patterns in relationships that you are struggling to shift?
Herbs can help…

Sensory Herbal Elemental Consultation
Herbal Consultations are held via email and telephone/zoom

1. When you agree to continue with this process, you will get sent a consultation form to fill in via email and a consultation date is arranged – we ask that you to fill in the form over a few days and treat it as a ritual in itself.
2. You send the completed form back two-three days before your consultation.
3. We take the time to read it, process the information and consider your individual case
4. Then we have a 30 min phone call/Zoom appointment
5. You receive a recommendations download sheet
6. Herbal prescriptions are then created and you will receive a separate invoice – approx. £10-£15 weekly for the herbs
7. Follow ups – £90 Arranged for 3/4 weeks later (date arranged on the phone call). New Questions plus 30 min consultation (phone or Zoom)

Herbal Mouthwash (50ml)

Ingredients: Tinctures of Myrrh, Calendula, Frankincense, Propolis and essential oils of Tea Tree and Peppermint


Meditation Drops (30ml)

The Seed SistAs developed our Meditation Drops with a connection to the heavens and the great Universe in mind.  The herbs in this blend balance the wonderful duality of delving inside ourselves, deep into our subconscious world whilst also connecting us with the macro- sphere, to the heavens and universal truth.


ImmuniT (Approx 25g)

This is a tea rich in nourishing vitamins, so it will charge up your immune system as well as tasting delicious. Examples of some herbs that we blend together for ImmuniT are rosehips, hawthorn berries, elderberries, myrtle berries, rosemary, thyme, fennel and cinnamon.


Peace Bundle

Peace Bundle our Optional Extra for the Pathway to Peace £78 (free postage)

This is your chance to purchase an adjunct, to the course, a bunch of our lovely remedies. By opting for this package, you will be physically supporting and nourishing your whole system whilst exploring tools and herbs that can help in a variety of ways.

You can take these herbs for the duration of the course and beyond.

Pathway to Peace is our tailored, engaging  immersive journey, with videos and podcasts, working with a specific plants  exploring various tools to sustain and promote equilibrium.