Stress & Anxiety Relief

Find your pathway to peace. The seven-step pathway to manage anxiety and stress through meditation and the power of plants. An online course including a live interactive webinar. Learn from home.


“during a time of extreme emotional stress your course popped into my inbox and has been a game changer.”

– Sarah Pike

Congratulations, you’re in the right place, we’re here to help you slow down immediately

Delve into plant magic, unearth skills, and develop tools for keeping calm and nervous system nourishment

  • Preparatory work – start as soon as you sign up
  • Walk through 7 step 
  • 7 herbs
  • 7 musical guided mediations
  • 7 self-care tasks with beautiful PDF downloads
  • Films
  • Audios  
  • Interactive webinar –  Q&A session
  • Access is granted for a full 21 days

Healing Balm

A combination of healing infused oils of Calendula, hypericum and lavender and protective essential oil of lavender. This is a wonderful day to day cream for your herbal tool kits, smoothing skin and supporting wounds, spots and abrasions.


Tension Tamer Tea (Approx 25g)

The relaxing mix of herbs is designed with chilling out and letting go in mind containing herbs that are relaxing, anti-anxiety, nervine & anodyne
Examples of herbs: mugwort, meadowsweet, primrose, passionflower, chamomile, lavender, lime flowers.


Valerian (30 Capsules)

Our Valerian is organically grown and harvested with careful observance to Lunar movements, this herb is famous for the ability to promote a restful night’s sleep also aiding in the alleviation of symptoms of insomnia and sleeplessness brought on by anxiety.


Drops of Courage (30ml)

Strength to move through

Contains: dandelion root for tenacity, daisy for innocence, borage to transcend