Perception Potion (30ml)

Perception Potion created for people who might feel stuck in a rut. – Gain a new perceptive and shift negativity.

These drops help us to ‘Open up to visualizing vibrancy  – open to CHANGE’


Contains: Calamus, oats,, Inula, marshmallow root, moonflower essence.


These drops support:

  • Perception shifting
  • Deep seated addiction or negative habitual patterns
  • Emotional or physical pain
  • Understanding our dark side
  • Low mood
  • Releasing apathy
  • Letting go of limitations and inhibitions

Rosie’s Superherbs (125g)

This is a power-packed food powder, create from abundantly growing plants.  They contain rosehip, alfalfa, nettle leaf, barley grass, globe artichoke and kelp.

These herbs are full of nutrients that support the system encouraging greater clarity and energy.


Reishi Organic (60 Capsules)

Together with high levels of polysaccharides, Reishi contains over 100 triterpenoid compounds (ganoderic and lucidenic acids) which are responsible for many of its unique properties. Although Reishi is traditionally made into a tea (hot-water extract) these triterpenes are poorly water soluble but highly soluble in ethanol (alcohol).

MycoNutri Reishi therefore combines concentrated hot-water (polysaccharide-rich) and ethanolic (triterpene-rich) extracts of log-grown (Duan Wood) Ganoderma lucidum and is standardised to contain 30% polysaccharides and 3% triterpenes in order to deliver the full benefit of this most revered of mushrooms.


Meditation Drops (30ml)

The Seed SistAs developed our Meditation Drops with a connection to the heavens and the great Universe in mind.  The herbs in this blend balance the wonderful duality of delving inside ourselves, deep into our subconscious world whilst also connecting us with the macro- sphere, to the heavens and universal truth.