Seed Sistas’ Sensory Oracle Deck

Illustrated by Belle Benfield

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Detox Tea (Approx 25g)

This cleansing blend is created to support the flow of fluids through the body, aiding in eliminating excess.


Valerian (30 Capsules)

Our Valerian is organically grown and harvested with careful observance to Lunar movements, this herb is famous for the ability to promote a restful night’s sleep also aiding in the alleviation of symptoms of insomnia and sleeplessness brought on by anxiety.


Passion Potion (30ml)

Ignite your passions

Contains tinctures of: chilli for passion, valerian to agitate inhibitions, daisy for playfulness and innocence.


Herbal First Aid Eguide

Get our top tips and favourite herbal products for a natural Home First Aid Kit

Are you interested in supporting yourself and your loved ones with natural products and herbs? Get our top tips and favourite herbal products for home natural first aid.

  • Find out what to have in stock for emergencies and build your own herbal first aid cabinet.
  • 119 pages packed full of useful information to help you navigate many different conditions and first aid situations.

All in our Exclusive Herbal First Aid Eguide!