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Apprenticeship terms and conditions

The Sensory Herb Foundation Course is built with a combination of science, art and magic. You will be challenged both creatively and academically and asked to bring parts of yourself forward, to connect with plants in the mythical and magical. Be prepared for packed weekends full of fun, learning and tasks.

The course is a tried and tested model but is not for everyone. By embarking on this course you are agreeing to participate in the activities, including 2 separate creative presentations and you are also agreeing to support your fellow students.

We as the tutors are here to offer support and share knowledge but we will not spoon feed you all the time. You will be asked to connect with and learn from the herbs themselves, to do self-guided study and to meet with your fellow participants when you can outside of the course.

This course is designed to give you lasting connection to the plant world and to a community of herb lovers. It combines medical herbalism research as well as pagan animism principles.

If you find a group or classroom setting difficult,  if  you require learning support or if you have additional needs, please contact us before booking to see what can be arranged to support you.

Deposits are non-refundable 6 months before course start date.

After that a deferral fee can be paid to move to the following year up until 2 months before start date.

All course costs must be paid 2 months before the course starts to attend the course.

You take responsibility for any medicines given to friends and family.  You are advised as to how to use the preparations you make and what to look out for with contra-indications.  You are recommended to stick within these guidelines.

If there are difficulties whilst on the course, Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution CIC retain the right to terminate access to the remainder of the course. Any repayment will be made based on calculations including admin and resources as well as time spent on the course as follows.

  • After course commences 40% fixed fee cannot be repaid
  • 15% will be refunded for any weekends missed as a result of termination of course by the Seed Sistas
  • Once the course has commenced, no refund can be given on termination of course by participant

A deferral fee to subsequent years is £350 and is only available until 2 months before the start date of the course.