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Plants are calling YOU

Herbs are resourceful, determined and have so much to share with you. We can help to ease you in to the plant world with steps by step guides to getting to know your plants better. Through regular discussion and experimentation with remedy creation and playing with plants you will build up a dispensary of potions and lotions, clearly labeled and with focused intention and instructions on how to best apply them all.

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Stress and Anxiety Herb Course

The Pathway to Peace

Delve into plant magic, unearth skills, and develop tools for keeping calm and nervous system nourishment The seven-step pathway to manage anxiety and stress through meditation and the power of plants.7 steps presented in this beautiful, educational, transformational, relaxing online course with a recorded webinar at the end.

“During a time of extreme emotional stress your course popped into my inbox and has been a game changer.”– Sarah Pike

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