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Chilli Hot Chocolate

Getting hot under the collar with the Seed SistAs’ Chilli Hot Chocolate

Chocolate is made from the fermented seeds of the plant, Theobroma Cacao L. The roasted and ground

seeds of the cacao plant are what we know as cocoa – the primary ingredient in chocolate.  Cocoa has a higher flavanoid content than tea and wine and these flavanoids contribute to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cocoa.  ‘Theo’ is the Greek word for God and ‘broma’ for drink.  Thus the plant is literally named Drink of the Gods, which alludes to the deep spiritual and cultural significance that cacao was given in the Central and South American tropical regions of its origin.  Cocoa also contains theobromine and caffeine which are central nervous system stimulants and smooth muscle relaxants.  So you can see why cacao might be a good ingredient for a passion potion as your senses are stimulated and your muscles relaxed.

We add our passion potion to hot cocoa to make the Seed Sistas’ Chilli Hot Chocolate that we’ve shared with thousands of folk at festivals over the years.

Passion Potion

Some years back, the Seed SistAs developed a potion based on chilli as a party mix to go out with. In the back room of a small pub with some serious bass being pumped out, we started passing around drops of our chilli potion to partygoers.  Shortly afterwards, we were shocked to see the whole room start to strip off as the dancing got sexier and steamier. It was clear that what we had made was a passion potion. Chilli, valerian and our trusted daisy syrup … it was phenomenal.

The Chilli Rush

So, what is it about chilli that makes it so exciting? In response to the heat, our bodies produce endorphins, our feel-good hormones. The heat of chilli makes everything flow – clearing our head and sinuses and rushing blood around our bodies. We become red, our lips can become plump and luscious and we can find ourselves in a steamy flush.

Chilli also has a myriad of other health-giving properties. They have a high vitamin C content, they improve poor circulation, they can be used as an analgesic to soothe pain, they have anti-microbial traits and have even been shown to have anti-viral properties against  shingles and the herpes virus.

Chilli History

The genus Capsicum from the solanaceae family is a plant with which humans share a long history.  It is recorded as a part of the human diet as early as 7500 BC and as a cultivated crop from around 4500 BC. However, the word ‘chilli’ actually comes from the Aztec language, Nahuatl. The Aztecs combined chilli and other spices together with cocoa to make a deeply revered drink used in sacred ceremonies.

Conscious Partying

As a health conscious, non-drinker or smoker, it’s still nice to enjoy a social tipple and a strong brew of Chilli Hot Chocolate is always the talk of any party. The chocolate adds to the qualities of the chilli and you can have a really fun night out on a couple of shots of Chilli Hot Chocolate.


Enjoy warming up with Chilli Hot Chocolate for a passionate night in or out and to warm your feet.

Chilli Tincture:

Take any homegrown or bought fresh chillies, chop them up and place in a jar.

Cover your chopped chillies with brandy.

Leave for 2 – 4 weeks and place a drop on your tongue to feel how hot the brandy has become.

Carefully strain your mix.  This is a fairly dangerous tincture to work with as it can burn your eyes or sensitive mucous membranes, so you can skip the straining part and preserve the chillies in the tincture as you use it.


Make your favourite cup of cocoa. I always use a mix of oat and rice milk and good organic, fair trade cocoa with honey to sweeten. If you make your cocoa really chocolatey and thick, then it makes a really special, stimulating treat and you only need an espresso cup full.

Chilli Hot Chocolate

Once you have your hot chocolate ready place about 13 drops of your tincture or more or less depending on the strength of it and your taste. We like to make it really spicy to get a real stimulating kick from the chilli-chocolate combo.

Drink a couple of cups over an evening and see how you heat up!

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