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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Voices from the hedgerow

“Old Nick cursed me, turned my blackberries to mush… I had pricked him on the bottom though”

Enter into the bizarre, funny and sometimes emotional world of some of the hedgerow plants. Voices from the Hedgerow is a creative educational production to get you connected with the plant world around you.

You’ll find these colourful characters ready to share their secrets with you if you’ll take the time to listen. These videos carry stories of inspiration and a hope that we can listen to the hedgerow to create a more diverse natural world with more autonomy over our own community’s healthcare.

The videos take you on a journey meeting plant characters along the way, each with their own story to tell.

There are PDF recipe cards that accompany the series so you can get out foraging and making delicious ware from the hedgerows!

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Bramble and Rose – The Hedgerow

Bramble is larger than life, she’s on a takeover mission, you can find her everywhere but she feels she is so often under-appreciated, unlike her royal relation the rose, who is revered and loved the world over.  Both have gifts to offer and through their disagreements, they will guide you to know more about their folklore, medicine and also the long political history of the hedgerow itself.

PDF recipe cards include blackberry crumble and rosehip syrup – yum yum.

Nettle and Hawthorn – Herbal Astrology

Nettle is a speedy, youthful activist, ready to bend your ear about their latest thoughts, projects and ideas. Nettle’s elderly friend, the hawthorn, is sturdy, kind and loyal. Together they bring you medicine under the domain of Mars, the planet not the chocolate bar. Plants that are fast and powerfully acting come under the domain of Mars. Together you can learn all about this fascinating way of understanding medicine, herbal astrology, as well as understanding the gifts that nettle and hawthorn have on offer.

Recipe cards include hawthorn ketchup and nettle seed energy balls – yum yum.

Apple and Damson – Native Hedgerow Superfoods

Meet the divine divas – apple and damson.  Poor apple has a chip on her shoulder after two thousand years of being accused of being the root of original sin.  She veers between painful upset and then revelling in the knowledge that she is also loved by those that claim an ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions with apple.  He best pal damson is always on hand, self-assured in the knowledge that sloe is her older, poorer relation and that humans have grown and loved her for thousands of years, even developing her sweet loveliness into the modern-day plum.

Together they will take you on a musical journey into turning the hedgerow into superfood.

Recipe cards include apple and damson chutney, and crab apple jelly – yum yum.

Love you, Sugar plum sweetie