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The Story of Us

Are you interested in learning more about practical herbalism?

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Nature and plant medicine has empowered us Seed Sistas to feel utterly alive, connected and passionate.

Our tree, herbal and fungal friends have given us permission to be wild. What a marvellous and exciting gift this is. Plants infuse our lives with meaning and wonder that we long to share with you.

Us Seed Sistas met at the turn of the last century in a North London University refectory, where we were studying for a BSc in Herbal Medicine.

Whilst eating a tropical fruit salad (the ingredients of which we remember differently! Was it pineapple or was it kiwi? It was tropical though), we instantly recognised a kindred spirit in one another – SistAs from another Mista (and Mama), our fury at the injustices of the world were evident. We made a decision and commitment to channel all the anger into creative action, we pledged to Cultivate Change and open up the secrets of the herbs to as many folk as possible.


Over decades of study and clinical practice in herbal medicine, we’ve developed our own wacky style and a structure of herbalism which encompasses many diverse art forms; carefully listening to and being guided the voices of the hedgerow. The plants unearth a forgotten language accessible through Sensory Herbalism.

We’re extremely enthusiastic about education, ecology and environment thus our principle focus is sharing our passion for plants in order to Cultivate Change through all of the projects that we get involved in.

Our Manifesto

We open peoples’ eyes and minds to the magic and medicine of the hedgerow to see nature through new eyes. Nourished, wild and free.


Over two decades later, thousands of people have been welcomed into the growing community of slightly potty plant lovers!

We live and breathe herbal medicine

We are passionate about plants

We bridge the gap between magic and medicine. 

We are unafraid, we walk unabashed on the edges, uncompromising in our beliefs and practices.

Are you interested in learning more about practical herbalism?

Come and join us

Our Philosophy

All our content is top notch.

Quality and good value means everything to us and we want people to be engaged and excited….totally turn on by trees, herbs and flowers….

Plants are our reason for being.

Our business is a social enterprise with social aims, we see a better existence for all of life, we have a new vision for success, a vision that encompasses health. Health at the centre of everything.

  • Healthy Planet
  • Healthy Communities
  • Healthy People
  • Healthy Creatures to co-exist with

Social Focus

A social enterprise is a business model that was set up to provide profit for purpose.  Everything related to the business feeds back into our vision.  Our community interest company, Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution focusses on planting and supporting community herb gardens and creating empowered, resilient communities that care of their local green spaces.  We offer places for our online courses to organisations that support people in need of support, we work with schools to teach teachers about herbalism and how they can work with the teachers, we run community events and volunteer days and have had funding for various projects along the way.

Profits from sale of products go into our Garden Grant Schemes.

We are shaped by thousands of empowered people who are passionate about plants. We share our skills and knowledge happily with our herbal family and listen carefully to what they want to learn about.

Profit for Purpose

  • 100% of all profits go directly back into furthering aims of the Seed Sistas
  • 5% share of profits goes into our Community Gardens Grant scheme

We believe resilient communities hold the secret to health and happiness

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