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Full Moon Meditation Magic

Full Moon Meditation Magic


Tonight’s Aquarian full moon (27/07/2018) presents the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century – it is going to last for an amazing 1 hour and 43 minutes!

Since the moon doesn’t emit any light of its own, what we see in the night sky is sunlight reflected off the lunar surface. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into the Earth’s shadow which can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are all aligned. 

This Aquarian full moon energy can greatly assist us in humanitarian projects and activities.  Perhaps challenging us to look at the bigger picture of things, consider what our personal part to play is within our own community.  A perfect time to examine what needs to be altered and changed in our minds (Aquarius) and in our hearts (Leo) to create a better world for everyone. This special time gives us the opportunity of emotional freedom and a chance to make a choice of what we can control through our thoughts and actions.

During this extraordinary period of lunar magic, any spell work you do during this period is amplified so make the time to get creative and imaginative with what you are hoping to attract into your life…

Meditation Drops

For those of your that are growers and gardeners, this Moon other planets have a strong influence on planting, tending and harvesting techniques. We shall be harnessing the power of this Moon to harvest the Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) which is one of the herbs in our Meditation Drops which contain the following herbs.

Mugwort, named after Artemisia the Moon Goddess, is a herb of the Moon and Venus, having a strong effect on the third-eye energy centre. During this time of the eclipse it can be very useful to record and work with dreams and mugwort is an excellent herbal ally for this work. All you really need is a journal to record them.

Dreams, depending on your belief system, are metaphorical representations of what’s going on for you. You can truly learn things about yourself, your past, and your emotional health from your dreams – things that are sometimes repressed in waking life, but are desperately seeking our attention and can be harnessed as healing tools or lessons. Mugwort has been known and documented through the ages as a reliable dream enhancing plant. 

Elderberries are wonderfully immune boosting and protective, perfect for the transition into the darker times, as holder of deep mysteries, create a space for slow, introspection and healing.

As a soothing respiratory herb Mullein both supports and protects delicate respiratory tissue, thus aiding with the movement of Prana or life force. Wherever there is dryness or constriction in the body, Mullein’s velvety softness, quiets the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies counselling profound listening. 

Fennel seeds are deliciously sweet.  Itis a mercurial plant, supporting our delicate nervous systems, soothing any spasms in the physical body which in turn reflects by bringing about gentle balance to more subtle bodies, uplifting us and gifting striking inspirations.

These Meditation Drops are a wonderful tool to assist magical work aiding you for creating time to stop and drop into yourself, for when introspection is needed

  • Inspiration from within
  • Identifying your hopes and dreams
  • Asking for clarity in the dream-state
  • Creating personal boundaries and protection from unwanted influences
  • A meditative practice / journey work; Directing energy towards a point

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