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Meditation Drops

By the Seed SistAs

The meditation drops can be used to utilise the power of this magical time of year.  To time travel when the veils are at their thinnest.

In our Meditation drops we utilise the magical association of elder, the dark berries of introspection.  They offer essential immune boosting at this time of year but also we associate them with the art of scrying.  Many moons ago, even before mirrors were a thing, elder would have provided a glossy reflective dark juice when the berries were brewed up in a cooking pot.  The liquid reflects back at you , and if you look deeply into it, open up your imagination and your intuition, you might just feel what might become.  There is much folklore associated with the elder, often relating to fear and mystery…you should always ask permission before cutting branches from the elder as Hyldemoer or the Elder Mother would take revenge.  It was said to never leave a baby sleeping beneath the elder lest the faery folk would take it away and replace it with a changeling.

The Mullein leaves, the soft, long, listening ears of the mullein, encourage us to listen to our inner voice and also what the universe wants us to hear.  It isn’t a time to ignore the messages coming through.

Fennel, that beautiful flighty seed of wit and inspiration…enter into stillness to be inspired.

Tall, majestic, airy Fennel is fresh, aromatic, digestive, opening and expansive for the head. He is a great remedy for clear thinking. The sweet, feathery, tasty leaves are a great addition to salads. The stripy seeds are delicious and good for the digestion and a compliment to so many culinary dishes.

Home to many spiders and creepy crawlies, Fennel enjoys well-drained soil, plenty of sun and can easily grow seven feet tall. Fennel is a marvellous plant to grow with a remarkable structure, from the bulbous base to the majestic, delicate umbrella seed heads. When the tiny yellow flowers fade at the end of summer, tasty aromatic stripy seeds take their place, alongside the many spiders who seem to love creating their webs in the seed heads.

Mugwort, that beautiful herb of the moon and dreaming…what do you dream for?  What do. You dreams want to tell you.  Allow her to take you into a gently altered state to explore the inner and unseen realms.

Mugwort holds the secrets and mysteries of the ancestors in her incarnation. In myth and story, she is the huntress, poised with bow and arrow, the protectress of the young; she is holder of creation with the gifts she brings to birthing mothers. She is named after Artemis the Moon Goddess, twin sister of Apollo; she holds the cycles and duality of the moon’s magnetism, the full bright light and pitch darkness all contained within her. This duality of the light and dark is both the mystery and the clarity, all aspects of the feminine dancing in time with the moon’s rhythms, clearing and opening channels to our dreams, connecting right and left hemispheres, rebalancing our pineal and pituitary gland activity.

Her silvery flowers reflect the moon’s rays at night, lining the waysides as a guide to travellers. She has deep green leaf tops and silvery undersides indicating her association with the Moon. The Romans brought Mugwort from Europe to the British Isles and planted her. They were famed for filling their shoes with the herb to support aching feet. Growing up to six feet, often found in dense bunches, her strong stems with hues of purples and reds can grow fat and hollow.

Excerpt from The Sensory Herbal Handbook

The Seed SistAs developed our Meditation Drops with a connection to the heavens and the great Universe in mind.  The herbs in this blend balance the wonderful duality of delving inside ourselves, deep into our subconscious world whilst also connecting us with the macro- sphere, to the heavens and universal truth.

Meditation Drops (30ml)
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