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Delphinium – Flower of July

July –Delphinium

The blue blooms take our blues away. Beautiful Delphinium – flower of July. Along with last month’s flower, honeysuckle, hummingbirds (and we) are relentlessly attracted to these flowers. The long stalks shoot up in the Summer and burst with clustered blossoms, bringing joy and fun to the garden. Let’s take a look at how they got here, what kind of climate they like and how they have been and may be medicinally helpful in the future.

Delphiniums received their common name from the ancient Greeks. They claimed the buds looked like the nose of a dolphin – “Delphinion” being the name for dolphins. The plant is native to Europe and Northern/Central Asia and is part of the Ranunculaceae family. First mention of the flower in gardens came in 1664. While they are not to be confused with True Larkspur, there are historical and modern accounts of delphiniums being called by this name.

Due to the exquisite blue/purple colour of the blossoms, delphinium was commonly used by Europeans and Native Americans as an ink and dye for clothing. The plant was vastly hybridized during the 19th and 20th century and is the reason there are more than 400 different varieties at large today. Recently, Edward Steichen, the famous chief photographer for Condé Nast, brought delphiniums into the spotlight with his intense love and passion for the flowers.

Gardening and Growing Tips

What a lovely, full flower to add to your collection! They remind us of hollyhocks, although delphiniums seem to fill out the stock even more! While the blue colour is such an eye-catcher, other varieties include pink, red, white, yellow, and lavender. Take your pick!

Delphiniums are a bit picky, so ensuring the ground where you plant is moist and not soggy is important. A nice sunny spot with some afternoon shade will make the flowers very happy. Add organic fertilizer (such as cow or chicken manure as well as compost) throughout the growing period is ideal; however, if you can only do so during the planting time period that will do just fine.

For this stunning perennial, we suggest mulch or something that will keep the moisture in the soil. A stake is also helpful when the flower stalks reach around 12 inches tall. Removing dead flowerheads will also ensure a longer blooming period for delphiniums, finishing their show during late Summer/early Fall. And oh what a show it is!

Folklore of Delphinium – Flower of July

Delphinium is known for attracting exciting opportunities and having associations with open-heartedness, happiness, and positivity. The flower stalks were even called “Queen of the Border” for their strong stance and proud stature. In regards to superstitions, delphiniums were said to expel unwanted ghosts and negative energy in the air. In England, the blooms were sprinkled in bathwater as a form of protection. There are also accounts of the blossoms being used on altars to bring about a connection to the divine.

With the uplifting meaning of delphinium- flower of July, it is a great idea to share them in a bouquet for any happy occasion.

Medicinal Qualities

Traditionally, delphinium was used for hair lice (and other parasites), hemorrhoids, colic, and as an amulet against scorpions. Tinctures and infusions were also taken to support those that suffered from insomnia. Due to delphinium’s strong alkaloids, however, it can be highly toxic when taken internally.

It is not surprising that the flower essence of delphinium is often used for the throat chakra. The outward beauty is directly correlated with expressing one’s authentic self. Delphinium essence is wildly supportive for those that are trying to radically accept themselves as well as be able to have the personal freedom to express.

Delphinium by Nydia Rojas

The delphinium growing in the garden

stands tall, its flowers mirroring

the limpid summer sky.

Around it, serenity has built

a sanctuary where bees

and butterflies seek refuge.

The flower stalk stands tall

above the leaves as if wanting

to see the world around it

or get closer to the sky

and blend colors

or simply to offer its beauty,

mysterious impulses guiding

it to put its flowers on display

for whoever happens to walk by.

There is no blue like

The blue cup the 

Tall delphinium 

Holds up 

As the delphinium blooms, they remind us that abundance is always near. The abundance of blossoms on the stalk bring about an abundance of gratitude and joy in our hearts and minds. Whether they grace your garden or bring beauty to your living space in a vase, make sure to enjoy this flower one way or another. A single glance upon them is a sure-fire way to protect and build a strong heart against anything that may bring you down.

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