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Magic Herbalism & Abundance Spell


Magic Herbalism & Abundance Spell

“The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”
“For all you know, a witch may be living next door to you right now.”

Roald Dahl, “The Witches”

As ‘plantswomen’ we have our hands in the soil a lot! We are practical people and particularly love the grounded, earthy nature of our trade. Nature and plant medicine has empowered us Seed Sistas to feel utterly alive, connected and passionate. We are feral wild herbalists, some call us witches and we have enjoyed a life blessed by a beautiful magical relationship with plants. We literally live the Magic by learning to slow down. Through slowing down we have learnt to listen to the herbs, and we have learnt to understand their communications, over time, learning the language of the World.

Spirit is ever present.

Us Seed SistAs take note of the cosmic forces and especially the ‘oh so visible’, lunar cycles in all aspects of working with plants, from germinating seeds to the final harvest. Lunar respect permeates herbal culture: planting, growing, harvesting, creating and taking medicines. The moon is extremely influential in the design of rituals that we practised throughout the year. Lunar cycles bring such a strong influence, over all magnetic energies of attraction and illumination, and honouring the moon is part of the Spiritual practice of our work.
Spirit is the power of nature and the driving force of belief, activism and hope. It can power us through to create change where we see injustice occurring. Spirit is inextricably linked to the creativity needed in a challenging world, to drive social change, especially where personal and social healthcare is concerned.

Sensory Spell-craft

Spell-craft beautifully and powerfully potentised our magical work. Any special occasion can be punctuated with a ritual, or if you are suffering from stuck feelings needing support, these can be shifted with a good spell. The care and energy taken creates an awesome atmosphere which helps us to feel connected with the subtle energies and aligned with the Vital forces.

We have always brought spell-craft into our ritual work with plants, from the collection of their seeds through to planting, tending, harvesting and creating potent potions, ritual and devotion has been threaded through all of the work. Spells don’t have to be complex or involve expensive tools, it is linked to the care taken and the setting of clear intention.


When a ritual is created, we are getting intentional about the everyday things we do so that they can become transformative. When we actmagic herbalism with conscious awareness, we get to focus on the kinds of energies, thoughts, beliefs, and ideals we want to participate in. Ritual is a way of inviting the sacred into your day to day life.

A ritual has symbolic value and can be an opportunity for positive growth and change. A ritual can focus attention to manifest what you desire, to attain a sense of connectedness or to tap into the genuine magic of life.

Words hold power and we love to create verse, compose our spells as poetry & or story, looking to the elements and folklore associated with each plant and intermingling that knowledge with the innate wisdoms we have been granted from our observations and personal interactions too.


Want to fill your life with wealth, success, joy and fulfilment? Who doesn’t! Well, like anything to bring these positives into your world takes a little time, focus and energy.

When working with abundance, we look to the herbs that are abundant in nature, the ones that can quickly fill space and prosper, think of the mints, lemon balm, ground ivy, oregano, marjoram, elecampane, red clover…. amongst others. It boils down to your personal observations of the plants; which ones are strong, virulent and spread fast in your garden and wild spaces?

Herbal Abundance Spell

All of the herbs we bring into our spellcraft practice are never bought from shops but rather sought out from the wilds or grown from seed in our own locale. When we harvest our ceremonial and ritualistic herbs, we tell the plants what we are doing and why we are picking them, asking for favour and help with the work.

We like to work on a waxing moon when cosmic energies are rising, swelling and growing.

3 Powerful Herbs for Our Attraction Rites and Spell

1. Red Clover

Magically, clover is turned into fabulous, fidelity potions and also serves as a stimulant for the body and soul, which has With many medicinal and magical uses,
Element: Air
Planet: Venus and Mercury
Zodiac: Aries
Deities: Artemis, Rowan
Magickal Properties: Protection, money, love, fidelity, exorcism, success, luck, fertility, and abundance


2. Lemon Balm

lemon balmOne of the essential herbs in a witch’s garden, this mint family, generously abundant and spreading herb has various magical and spiritual properties.
Element: Water
Planet: The Moon and Jupiter
Zodiac: Cancer, Leo and Pisces
Deity: Aphrodite, Diana
Magickal Properties: Love, healing, success, prosperity, dreamwork, purification, vitality, sensuality, relaxation,  focus, happiness and friendship


3. Mint

Harvesting Mint LeavesFor centuries, mint has been brought into rituals and spells to increase the power of intentions. Often burnt in dried bundles, along with sage, the herb purifies spaces of any negative energy, especially before the start of a ritual.
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Zodiac: Taurus or Gemini
Deity: Mercury, Hecate, Persephone, and Venus
Magickal Properties: Prosperity, wealth, healing, protection, love, luck, clarity, purification, dreams, abundance, and inspiration

What you will need (if possible harvested yourself)

Red clover flowers
Lemon Balm

Make up a tea blend with equal parts of the herbs

Pen and Paper
Candle (we love beeswax natural candles)
Art materials to decorate your jar lid

Start by lighting a candle, brewing your herb tea and write this question down

How do I want to feel as I am blessed with abundance and prosperity?
What emotions do I hope to cultivate?
What do I want to do with unlimited success?

Now do some free flow response writing around it – just let yourself dream and imagine you have all your needs met, see yourself surrounded in abundant wealth.


Will the abundance of wealth bring with it security, decrease your stress, free up your mind to focus on other things?
What exactly is the abundance of wealth to you?

Draw a stick figure of yourself surrounded in light, luck, and magical abundance – bring the colours and symbols that you associate with abundance into your picture – you can include your family or friends in this picture if you want to.

Now write down a statement in the present tense using your writing to help inform your words something like –

I am open to limitless possibilities
My prosperity is infinite
I have never ending luck

And place your words inside the jar.

Place the picture you drew of yourself inside too

Put a pinch of each dried, mint, lemon balm and red clover inside the jar too. Saying your words out loud.

Make a label for your jar – our labels contain the word ABUNDANCE, the names of the plants, the astrological information of the time, ie what sign the moon is transiting.

Decorate the lid of the jar – we glue stones/crystals and seeds onto the lid, you can also cover in fabric – just make it beautiful to you. The more energy and thought going into this creative work the more comes back to you.

Keep your jar somewhere visible and drink your herb tea in a special pot each new moon to welcome in abundance for the growing cycle.

Curious to discover your power herb?

Astrological power herbs are deeply intertwined with your zodiac sign, and can enhance your natural strengths, bring balance to your life, and reveal insights about your true potential.

Learn about the unique properties and benefits of your power herb, and explore practical ways to incorporate your power herb into your daily life.

Find out here which power herb is aligned with your zodiac sign

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