21 Day Herbal Cleanse for Mind, Body & Soul

Want to find out what a herbal cleanse is all about? Then this Seed SistAs Ebook with a FREE downloadable meal planner will guide you through your journey and answer any questions you might have.


21 Day Herbal Cleanse for Mind, Body & Soul Eguide Includes:

  • Detoxification: what it is and what it is not
  • How our unique approach to cleansing works
  • Ingredients of the 21 Day Herbal Cleanse for Outside & Inside the Body
  • Herbs to Support Your Natural Detoxification System
  • Planning your personal 21 Day Herbal Cleanse
  • Easy to Follow Downloadable & Printable Ebook
  • Money Back Guarantee (below)
  • Easily personalised 21-Day Meal Planner (printable)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes
  • Herbal recipes
  • Healthy Snacks, Sweets and Smoothies
  • Movement and Energetic recipes
  • Instant Download!


The Seed Sistas established their Sensory Herbalism school in 2004 and have been sharing pearls of wisdom about plants and showing folks how to create herbal home remedies for decades.

They run their social enterprise from Hertfordshire and Dorset and are passionate about the set up and running of community medicine gardens, they dreaming of a global Herbal Evolution, where people reconnect with nature and protect the wild spaces.

Profits from the sale of this Ebook go to their community gardens grant schemes. We have a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

The Sensory Herbal Handbook – Paperback

A unique mix of knowledge and wisdom, respect and irreverence. This book contains a wealth of wisdom and will be a great companion to us all in our tentative explorations into these otherly realms…this book will guide us on this important journey of reconnection.


Autumn Kitchen Witchen’ Downloadable E-Guide

Our top tips for seasonal foraging, easy recipes for autumnal nourishing with nature. Plant-based goodness!


Clear Vision (30ml)

At this time, we Seed SistAs use our Clear Vision Drops to connect with our inner wisdom. To embrace the sweet silence of our own souls and the inner knowledge and intuition gifted to us through generations.


Meditation Drops (30ml)

The Seed SistAs developed our Meditation Drops with a connection to the heavens and the great Universe in mind.  The herbs in this blend balance the wonderful duality of delving inside ourselves, deep into our subconscious world whilst also connecting us with the macro- sphere, to the heavens and universal truth.