Herbal First Aid Eguide

Are you interested in supporting yourself and your loved ones with natural products and herbs? Get our top tips and favourite herbal products for home natural first aid.

  • Find out what to have in stock for emergencies and build your own herbal first aid cabinet.
  • 119 pages packed full of useful information to help you navigate many different conditions and first aid situations.

All in our Exclusive Herbal First Aid Eguide!



Our Herbal First Aid Eguide

We all need to have a First Aid Kit handy – they’re an essential part of everyday life. Let this guide inspire you to grow plant-based alternatives to create your own Herbal First Aid Kit, packed full of beneficial herbal remedies so you’ll be ready to help someone who is mildly hurt.

This First Aid Guide demystifies overly complicated medical jargon as we believe that everyone should have a greater understanding and access the natural world of plants.

All our top tips and favourite natural remedies for herbal hugs in a first aid box.

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Our Herbal First Aid ebook looks at ailments and conditions that arise at home that demand some soothing first aid care:

  • Bruises and wounds; burns or scalds
  • Stings And Insect Bites
  • Aches, Pains and Sprains .
  • Splinters, Spots, Boils and Poulticing
  • Coughs and Sore Throats
  • Reactivity and Hay Fever
  • Stomach Issues & Headaches
  • Parasites & Fungal infections
  • And many, many MORE!


  • External preparations, tinctures teas and washes, essential oils
  • First aid in the field
  • 10 Common, Essential, Medicinal Herbs You Can Forage
  • Make your own Herbal First Aid Box
  • Oil, decoctions, poultices and balm recipes
  • Herb Actions and Qualities
  • Instant Download!

Bringing herbal medicine back where it belongs – in your hands

The Seed Sistas established their Sensory Herbalism school in 2004 and have been sharing pearls of wisdom about plants and showing folks how to create herbal home remedies for decades.

They run their social enterprise from Hertfordshire and Dorset and are passionate about the set up and running of community medicine gardens, they dreaming of a global Herbal Evolution, where people reconnect with nature and protect the wild spaces.

We incorporate medical training and years of clinical experience with our love of plants and creativity, and profits from the sale of this Ebook go to their community gardens grant schemes.

Ache Ease Balm

A warming blend of horseradish, comfrey, heather and essential oils of rosemary and peppermint, this is a long-loved, muscle and ache balm.


Winter Kitchen Witchin’ Downloadable E-Guide

Your ‘how to’ for simple culinary delights embellished with foraged ingredients.

Inspired by the popularity of our Kitchen Witchin’ Food Blogs we bring you nutritional magic that infuses far beyond the kitchen into the home and family. Kitchen Witchin’ is seasonal eating, foraging and healing remedies that can be made without complicated tools, in your own kitchen.  Learn to infuse all your creations with a touch of magic to bring positivity and love into your home. 


Clear Vision (30ml)

At this time, we Seed SistAs use our Clear Vision Drops to connect with our inner wisdom. To embrace the sweet silence of our own souls and the inner knowledge and intuition gifted to us through generations.


Max Chill (30ml)

Maximum Chill 30ml Drops
Face life‘s challenges with calm strength
Contains: lemon balm (abundance), vervain (peace), oats (protection)