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Yarrow Herb – Superpowers in Spellcraft


Yarrow Herb in Spellcraft

We are feral, wild herbalists. Some call us witches and we have enjoyed a life blessed by a beautiful magical relationship with plants. We literally live the Magic by learning to slow down. Through slowing down we have learnt to listen to the herbs, and we have learnt to understand their communications, over time, learning the language of the World.

Herbs are vital and very much alive, carrying in their DNA the experience of thousands of years on Earth: if you slow down and make space to properly have a chat with them, they will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know.

Absolutely everything sourced and used in magic has its own special potency.

Plants each have spirits, needs, and energies so it’s important for you to truly respect that while becoming aware of their properties, their magic, and potential abilities. Remember that in Magic everything is an exchange: energy is not created and cannot be destroyed. Reciprocity is key.


In our opinion, working with plant magic is one of the best ways to harness the natural energies and connect with nature spirits.  It brings a uniqueness to the relationships with the herbs to practice magic alongside them.

All of the herbs we bring into our spellcraft practice are never bought from shops but rather sought out from the wilds or grown from seed in our own locale. When we harvest our ceremonial and ritualistic herbs, we tell the plants what we are doing and why we are picking them, asking for favour and help with the work.

Here, we write about one of our best buddies who has supported and nourished us with this journey of magic herbalism that we are on – yarrow herb in spellcraft.




Yarrow, an abundant weed who flowers long into the colder months, is a super protective and healing herb. The plant is under the domain of the planet Venus.  A planet that represents balance – or herbs that promote balance and harmony in the body.  Any supportive tonic for the system as a whole.  Yarrow has the physical properties of being opening, a circulatory, protective, an anti-infective, cleansing for the blood, and a harmoniser for other herbs within a combination.  The spiritual and emotional properties are reflected in this, equally as supportive and well rounded.

Achilles, after whom yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is named, carried yarrow onto the battle field with him to heal wounds, with the herb’s anti-microbial gifts. The great warrior had one weakness – his heel! And each of us humans have our own kryptonite, something that has the power to break us.  This doesn’t have to be a physical weakness, it can run deep.  Yarrow herb can help us gain insights into our own weaknesses, our Achilles’ heel, and help us to understand ourselves better whilst reminding us to protect ourselves especially our vulnerable places so that they can become stronger.

Yarrow is perfect for protection spells


yarrow herb in spellcraftA spell needs a few ingredients for the work to be potent, the harvested herb being the most important in our experience.  The yarrow that will support this Achilles’ heal exploration and subsequent protection can be brewed into  a healing infusion alongside equal parts of mint and elderflower.  This traditional combination is also a wonderful blend to ward off colds and flus.  As with any Magic, the tea can be drunk alongside a clear affirmation for example:

“I recognise my own weaknesses and harness them as a superpower to learn more about myself”

This tea can also be added to a bath and a forcefield of protection imagined all around yourself.

One of yarrow’s lessons, is about recognising that wounds, especially deep ones, benefit from slow and carefully protected healing.

Yarrow reminds us to protect ourselves and our vulnerable places so they can heal.

Go forth with yarrow herb in spellcraft and your own superpowers!

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