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How to Prepare for a Herbal Detox

Prepare for a Herbal Detox

Detoxing is such a buzz words these days, it may seem that everyone is having a go at a natural body cleanse. The problem is that the focus is often centred around weight loss, drug dependency, or promoting superfoods and pills. Furthermore, the idea of cleansing the body is introduced through fasting, mud treatments, purging, or heat treatments like saunas and sweat lodges. One of the most common mistakes people make is to think they can do a cleanse without any careful considerations beforehand. But really, we need to get best results and not to shock ourselves and our bodies too much so it is a really good idea to prepare for a herbal detox.

Why should I do a herbal detox?

A cleanse is like a spring-clean for your whole self, body, mind and spirit. It’s an opportunity to clear out that which no longer serves you. To reset your bodily systems, check in with your mind and spirit, and set up new habits which will support you and your lifestyle. It’s true that a cleanse requires some effort and willpower and might bring up some personal challenges. But it’s also true that our approach to cleansing is a gentle one and a positive one. The focus is on what you really wish to achieve, your intentions and what you want to gain in the longer term.

While our bodies are equipped with a fabulous natural detoxification system, the modern world in which we live is highly polluted and meansPrepare for a Herbal Detox that our bodies don’t always cope with our continuous exposure to heavy metals, chemicals, toxins and other contaminants. Consequently, we need to flush out these environmental toxins from technology and economy in order to give our immune system the natural boost it truly deserves.

In contrast to the media and marketing hype around detoxing, what we are using the word detox to mean is to support the body with transportation and excretory systems to promote optimal functioning of the body and all the organs.

Toxins enter our bodies through various ways. For example: the lungs when we breathe; contact through skin; and from the food and drink we consume. This natural transition will work its way through the kidneys, liver, digestive and lymphatic systems.

A herbal detox involves a carefully chosen selection of plant ingredients which aim to ease your body to remove toxins. It’s designed to support and improve your body through a natural detoxification. When doing a herbal detox, we use different herbs to aid specific cleansing needs for the digestive, immune and lymphatic systems along with kidney and liver functions.

Why do I need to prepare for a herbal detox?

Having a cleanse takes a lot of preparation. But makes you feel so damn good so we do see it as an indulgence. Yes, we said indulge – in a cleanse a couple of times a year to reset our bodies, feel ready to engage and cope with life more easily.

Under normal circumstances of detoxing, your body will go through some undesirable effects. Luckily, those symptoms usually subside after a short time. However, of you don’t prepare for a herbal cleanse and detox too quickly, you could experience some unpleasant side effects. These can include skin problems, headaches/migraines, poor sleep and lack of energy.

Your lifestyle has much to do with how successful your herbal detox will be. We all know bad habits are hard to break and healthier habits demand focus and mindful attention. The good news is that it’s totally possible! The bad news is that detoxing too fast can release toxins that will flood into your blood stream. As a result, this can create extra stress on your body. Primarily, your kidneys, liver and gut need to open up. If they can’t function correctly, there is the danger of autointoxication in which you’re recycling and reabsorbing toxins.

One specific danger that can occur when not safely preparing for a herbal cleanse is the affect it can have on our lymphatic system. This is the largest circulatory system in our bodies and is vital to absorbing and fighting toxic waste. Essentially, the lymphatic system picks up chemicals and harmful elements and releases them out of your body. When you’re not helping your lymphatic system enough, it can create a toxic backup.

Our Top Tips for Preparing for a Herbal CleansePrepare for a Herbal Detox

We all react in different ways so it’s important that you allow your body the time to ease into new habits. Try and be mindful to how your mood and energy levels change. While it might not always be a pleasant journey, it shows that toxins are leaving your body and will pass in a few days.

  • Avoid low-nutrient foods. Instead, start with a simple, plant-based diet with wholefoods which aligns with both your body and lifestyle.
  • Try and have plenty of sleep to reap more benefits of a herbal detox.
  • Introduce gentle, physical movement into your daily life such as walking in nature to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • It’s so very important to drink lots of water, especially as you may find yourself being very thirsty in the first part of your herbal cleanse. Plus, the constant flow of water will help flush out everything you want to get rid of.
  • Always try and be mindful of your cleansing journey. This is particularly so when you’re eating and how your relationship with food affects your mood, feelings and thoughts.

If you’re thinking of doing a herbal cleanse, start slowly and ease yourself into it. This will help you to know how it affects you and whether or not you’ll experience any side effects. You don’t want to overwhelm your system so taking it easy initially is the way forward.

***Before you start a cleanse or detox, talk to your healthcare provider to see check if it’s something safe for you to engage in.***

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