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Emotional Detox for a Mind, Body and Soul Cleanse

Mind, Body and Soul Cleanse

Nature is such a powerful, healing force that takes care in of us in a multitude of ways. It psychologically balances our mental health, literally feeds our bodies and lifts our spirits. Keeping positivity on track and being happy, improves not only our own quality of lives but also enhances those relationships that we interact with on a daily basis, including the health of the planet. Therefore, it’s important for us to do an emotional detox for a mind, body, soul cleanse so that we give our whole self a huge boost of joyful love.

We understand that repairing and restoring our emotional selves is often hard to achieve. The choices we make through diet, exercise, sugar or alcohol consumption, smoking and many other social factors can play a big part in our revealing negative emotions.  Anxiety, depression, mood swings, lack of restful sleep and even pain can all contribute to the way we feel.

And, let’s face it, life can be incredibly stressful for many of us.

Doing a herbal cleanse can massively help to shift energy and strengthen us emotionally. We are lucky that nature gifts us the best herbs can help to reach a balance in mind, body and spirit. They can calm our nervous systems and stimulate the neurons in the brain so that we relax and ultimately, feel happy.

Raise your heart’s vibrations

The rhythm of our heart – baboom, baboom, baboom – is hypnotic. We spend months in our mother’s womb surrounded by the sound of her heart. We are programmed to respond to rhythm and so when the rhythm of our life is disturbed, so is our heart.

Electromagnetic energy emanating from the heart is many times stronger than that emitted by the brain. It is measurable up to several metres away from the body and changes in frequency when it comes into contact with other people’s energetic field. We are constantly merging electromagnetic energy fields with those around us.

Studies have shown our energetic hearts have the ability to receive and process information from the world around us. So, when we are knocked emotionally, the heart is affected. The electromagnetic pulse alters, and we feel ‘out of sorts’ or crushed by emotion. This emotional response can have a knock-on effect on the functioning of other systems in the body, such as the digestive system, the kidneys and the nervous system, Physical symptoms can include palpitations, rise or fall in blood pressure and poor circulation.

So, what can we do about it?

Ways to make your heart stronger

1. Cook beautiful food, simple food: what we choose to feed ourselves does matter. The quality and quantity of food we consume effects Mind, Body and Soul Cleanse our brain, heart and bodily functions. A varied and balanced diet, full of colour and scent, prepared with love, in gratitude and celebration of the lives taken for and sustained by it, is what we prescribe! Satisfaction and pleasure are as much a part of a healthy diet as fruit, vegetables and whole grains etc.

2. Cultivate a practice of gratitude: it changes the way you see every aspect of life and is totally transformational. Gratitude directly opposes and challenges capitalist, racist and patriarchal ways of thinking. Perhaps you can say a prayer of thankfulness before your meals, recognising and honouring what you are about to receive?

3. Identify where and how doctrines are drip fed to us: now, more than ever before, we are affected by events that we do not directly experience. Both of the medias, social and conventional, expose us to vast amounts of information at all times. The reality of this barrage and the jarring juxtaposition of content has been widely noted to have significant effect on stress levels and general well-being. We suggest that before a cleanse, you take time to become aware of the impact that both these media streams have upon you.

4. Consider taking a herbal detox as an opportunity to stop and to rest: If this feels uncomfortable for you, that may mean it is exactly what you need! If you feel that not paying attention to the news is in some way negligent, perhaps take the time to read activist authors that are discussing ideas about how to approach situations with hope, understanding and mutual aid.

5. De-activating any social media accounts: if that is not possible due to work commitments, set up scheduled posts and remove the apps, so that you can only engage in that realm when you are choosing to instead of in an absent minded, habitual manner.Mind, Body and Soul Cleanse

6. Incorporate time for relaxation into the daily routine: taking respite from your usual routines means the heart can slow right down and have a rest. This can aid a restful sleep and allows the heart to do its job by clearing out waste and be prepared for the next day.

7. Make lifestyle changes: meditation, regular exercise and yoga for relaxation and maintaining a steady resting pulse. Being mindful while moving your bodies can help us bring awareness to the energy circulating around our bodies. Even a walk in the park can bring focus to the present and be more alert to the way we move and breathe. When we move, serotonin and dopamine, our feel-good hormones, will make us feel more relaxed and therefore, happier and more energised in ourselves.

Herbs to support a mind, body, soul cleanse

In a stressful world, we all need to nourish ourselves so we feel a better quality of happiness and the nervous system is what helps us to keep our bodies working in harmony; when your nerves are on edge, they can’t communicate to the rest of you!

Infuse these healing herbs to promote a healthy cleanse for your mind, body and soul.

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis): lemon balm is a generous and gentle herb, supporting and restoring nervous system function.lemon balm Particularly valued in burn out and times of emotional distress. Lemon balm also ministers beautifully to digestive issues brought about by stress and anxiety. It’s one of the essential ingredients in our a Heart and Soul Tea designed to sooth and lift your mood.

Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus): we always include Rosemary in spring cleanses and detoxes to support the emotions and mind, keeping people upbeat and determined to stick to the plan of health. We need great strength at these times of cleansing and Rosemary really heals us to focus. Bear in mind, however, that this is a pushy herb and should not be used if blood pressure is high.

Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.): these berries have a normalising effect on heart health with the ability to balance blood pressure, bringing it back to its optimum. They can strengthen the force of the heart’s muscular contraction while relaxing the blood vessels, avoiding extra pressure. We draw on hawthorn, a herb that supports the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle, for giving courage.

We usually associate a herbal detox with replenishing our bodies with nutrients, boosting the immune system and nurturing our overall health. But we often forget that it also enriches our emotional and mental health too. Our hearts mean more than simply pumping blood around our bodies; it is our Spirit that connects us to Mother Earth. And when we have joy, we have a strong heart.

Don’t stop reading yet…..!

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